Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring has Sprung...

And its all been very quiet out there for the last couple of weeks.... however, the following are noted:

New Member John Manuel, who is a semi-retired graphics designer is offering to help members with page layouts. A sample of his work is available here. He may be contacted through the email address posted in the group files.

Nan Hawthorne is channeling Maid Marian, with "Secrets of a Good Marriage" at her blog. And she has a fan-fiction story about one of her "Involuntary King" characters, too!

S.A. Rule has got a lovely review for her latest "Cloak of Magic" at Fantasy Book Review, here.

And Steve Knutson recommends this site, for locating radio stations for the use of authors looking to get radio coverage.

And finally - but not least,Kim McDougal's "Rainbow Sheep" won an EPPIE for best children's e-book of the year!

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